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Charikleia Bori 

Psychologist - M.Sc. in applied Psychology 

Mental Health / Couple & Family Counselor 

Certification Course - Online Consulting SFU Vienna

Accompaniment on the way to self-healing

Perhaps you are depressed, concerned, or unsure about the future of a relationship, or you just feel like you are not living the life that was meant for you. In our cooperation, we look for effective and appropriate ways to gain your self-confidence and to adapt new attitudes and feelings to your life situations. It is especially important to note that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a process of growth and self-awareness, is a healing process that requires the participation of both the patient and the caregiver.


Assistance on every step



Your well-being is the most important thing for me. I provide a range of psychological and counseling services to clients that meet their needs. Whether you are looking for help alone, as a couple, or as a family - my therapy sessions are tailored to strengthen your self-confidence and support you in the healing process. 






Difficulty concentrating

Lack of self-esteem

Lack of behavior control

Psychosomatic complaints

Grief - Loss

Couple counseling

Relationship problems

Family conflicts

Parenting problems

Communication problems

Separation Management - Parental Divorce

       Personality test (NEO PI-R)  - Implementation and evaluation                   


I offer my services over the Internet. Your psychological counseling - support can take the form of a video call, e-mail, or telephone and in German, English or Greek.  

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A happier, healthier self



Quality promise

Aufmerksamer Therapeut


Always hier for you

If you are looking for individual counseling with a certified psychologist who will take care of you, then you have come to the right place. I accompany my patients every step of the way and use various methods to help them develop a new attitude to all complex life issues. Make an appointment today and find out what I can do for you.

Have you felt a little depressed lately and nothing seems to lift your mood? It may be time to seek professional help. Through my couple counseling - sessions, I will help you to develop a positive attitude towards the most complex and difficult living conditions. Contact me today and I'll help you find the best in yourself.

In my consulting sessions, we work on solving current problems and improving positive thinking and behavior. I will help you to realign your reactions and provide you with valuable resources to help you overcome life's obstacles. I am confident that my individual consultation will be beneficial and inspiring for you. Sign up to make an appointment.

Benefit from my numerous psychological services.

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I am happy to help you work out ways to

overcome all the challenges of life.

Contact me to learn more and book a session.


+49 (0) 17699301965

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